Murdaugh Family Home Auctioned for $1.1 Million Amid Controversy

HAMPTON, S.C. – The property where the Murdaugh family once resided is set to go up for auction with a starting bid of $1.1 million. The estate, located in South Carolina, was the site of the tragic murders of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh, which has garnered bids of over $1 million ahead of the scheduled auction next month.

J.P. King and Crosby Landy Company announced Monday that the Moselle Estate, encompassing 21 acres and featuring a four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom residence, will be sold in an online auction on Feb. 15. The property listing makes no mention of the crimes that occurred there, instead highlighting the property’s “tranquility and privacy,” and offering “the perfect blend of seclusion, elegance, and convenience.”

The Islandton residence was at the center of the trial of Alex Murdaugh, who was found guilty of the murders of his wife and youngest son. Since the 2023 murders, the property has changed hands multiple times, with its initial sale in March 2023 including the entire 1,700-acre property. It was later sold again in October for $1.95 million.

The new auction was initiated by the initial buyers, who purchased the land for hunting and timber purposes and do not have any use for the Murdaugh family home. The home and land being sold carry a starting bid of $1.1 million, and interested buyers must be pre-approved, with showings available by appointment only.

The proceeds from previous sales went towards various victims of Murdaugh’s crimes, and the property is set to be auctioned without the inclusion of the dog kennels. The auction represents the latest chapter in the controversial history of the Moselle Estate, and its significance will be determined by the outcome of the upcoming auction on Feb. 15.