Murdered NRI Woman in Kapurthala: In-Laws Arrested by Police

KAPURTHALA, India: A tragic incident has shaken the town of Kapurthala, where a US-based NRI woman was allegedly murdered by her in-laws while visiting her family. The victim, Rajdeep Kaur, had been married to Manjinder Singh for seven years and was residing in the USA with their young son.

The circumstances surrounding Kaur’s death are shrouded in mystery, prompting her mother, Nirmal Kaur, who resides in the UK, to suspect foul play. After rushing to India, Nirmal Kaur reported her suspicions to the police, leading to the arrest of Rajdeep Kaur’s father-in-law and mother-in-law.

According to Nirmal Kaur, her daughter was lured from the USA to India under the guise of attending a family event, only to be pressured into transferring her property to her in-laws. Allegations suggest that the accused individuals resorted to violence, ultimately leading to Rajdeep Kaur’s tragic demise.

Sultanpur Lodhi police have taken swift action by apprehending the in-law parents of the deceased woman, bringing some form of justice to this heartrending situation.

The loss of Rajdeep Kaur has left the community mourning and searching for answers. The case highlights the complexities and challenges faced by individuals involved in cross-cultural marriages and the potential for abuse or exploitation within family dynamics. This devastating event serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of safeguarding the rights and well-being of individuals, particularly within familial relationships. The investigation into this case will undoubtedly shed light on the underlying factors and motives behind this senseless tragedy.