Nepali Businessman Allegedly Murdered by Partners in Indian Hospital Dispute

The family of Rabin Kumar Raya, who operated a hospital in Bathanhawa of Bihar, India, has filed a police complaint in India, alleging that he was murdered by his business partners. Raya, who is from Biratnagar, operated the Birat Divya Drishti General Hospital in Bathanhawa of Araria district along with his wife and other partners.

According to Raya’s wife, Rani Kumari Raya, a dispute arose when the Rayas attempted to buy out one of their partners, Imran Sheikh, by offering him Rs 1.8 million. Rani claimed that her husband had borrowed the amount from a person in Biratnagar at a high interest rate. Tragically, Rabin was killed when he and nine others, including one Khem Thapa, visited Bathanhawa over the weekend.

Rani alleged that her husband was taken to the fourth floor of the hospital by their partners, locked inside the third floor, and subsequently pushed off the building shortly after the police arrived. She claimed that the individuals who took her husband to the fourth floor assaulted him before ultimately killing him.

The Nepal Police, however, declined to file a complaint, on the grounds that the incident took place in India. The family was advised by Morang Police Spokesperson DSP Ranjan Dahal to lodge a police complaint in India.

The tragic death of Rabin Kumar Raya has raised concerns among the local community and has prompted an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death. The family’s allegations of foul play and the Nepal Police’s decision to not pursue the case add further complexity to the situation. As the investigation unfolds, there will likely be increased scrutiny on the operations of the Birat Divya Drishti General Hospital and the relationships between its partners.