Pauly Shore Accused of Encouraging Attack on Father at The Comedy Store in Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES, CA – A father and daughter have filed a lawsuit this week alleging that comedian Pauly Shore encouraged security members at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles to attack the father in 2022.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles County’s West District, claims that security members at The Comedy Store violently grabbed and attacked plaintiff Sean Kehoe on November 30, 2022, while his daughter, Kirra Lyn Potts, was present. The allegations also state that Kehoe sustained severe injuries, resulting in Potts facing mental and emotional distress and extreme mental anguish.

Both Kehoe and Potts allege that Shore agreed with and encouraged the attack, and the lawsuit claims that he and The Comedy Store are both responsible for the security officials’ actions due to negligence in their hiring process.

Furthermore, Kehoe and Potts are seeking monetary compensation for previous and future medical bills, along with a to-be-determined sum for loss of earnings.

The lawsuit brings to light the importance of maintaining safe and responsible security measures in public establishments such as The Comedy Store. It also highlights the impact of alleged negligence in hiring and the potential consequences for those involved.

The legal action underscores the necessity for thorough investigation and accountability in cases of alleged misconduct, and it serves as a reminder of the need for fair and just treatment in all public spaces.

The allegations against Shore and The Comedy Store are sure to spark discussions about the responsibilities of public figures and the establishments they are associated with, shedding light on the complexities of liability and accountability. As the case unfolds in court, it will be one to watch for its potential implications on security practices and legal responsibilities in similar settings.