Plainfield Man Receives Additional 9-Year Sentence for Violently Attacking Girlfriend

Joliet, Illinois – A man from Plainfield, already serving time for aggravated domestic battery, has been sentenced to an additional nine years in prison for violently attacking his girlfriend in 2018, according to Will County State’s Attorney. Darrius Brown, 42, had previously received an eight-year sentence in 2020 for a prolonged attack on his former girlfriend.

The Will County State’s Attorney revealed that Brown’s latest attack took place on March 17, 2018, leaving his then-girlfriend, Elizabeth Balbuena, with severe injuries. The violent episode occurred at the residence of Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Jamie Hollingsworth, where Balbuena was present. According to prosecutors, Brown became enraged after a phone call and proceeded to assault Balbuena.

During the attack, Balbuena was injured, with visible bruises, cuts, and extreme bruising. She also suffered from a black eye, dizziness, and cuts on her face and shin. Brown also forced Balbuena to drive him to his mother’s house in Chicago while her young son was in the car. Once there, he stole her cell phone and physically assaulted her again.

The court heard that the attack happened while Brown’s former girlfriend, Jamie Hollingsworth, was in the hospital, recovering from extensive injuries caused by a four-day attack by Brown in February 2018. Prosecutors revealed that Brown had violated no-contact conditions imposed by the court more than fifty times during the two cases.

As part of his sentence imposed by Circuit Judge Carmen Goodman, Brown will serve nine years for aggravated domestic battery, four years for aggravated unlawful restraint with a deadly weapon, and four years for unlawful restraint, all to be served concurrently. Additionally, he will serve four years of mandatory supervised release, with his sentence running concurrently with the eight-year sentence he is already serving for the multi-day attack on his former girlfriend.