Police Officer Among Four Dead in Minneapolis Mass Shooting Tragedy

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – Tragedy struck once again as a fourth victim has succumbed to injuries sustained in a late May mass shooting that shocked the city. Mohamed Aden, 36, from Columbia Heights, passed away on Friday due to complications from multiple gunshot wounds inflicted during the shooting that also claimed the life of a police officer. The incident took place on May 30th, leaving the community in mourning.

According to authorities, Aden was one of two individuals shot inside an apartment by 35-year-old suspect Mustafa Mohamed. Tragically, another victim, Osman Said Jimale, 32, lost his life on that fateful day. The first responder to the scene, Officer Jamal Mitchell, bravely confronted the gunman outside the apartment. However, the situation quickly escalated when Mohamed opened fire, fatally wounding Mitchell in what investigators described as an ambush.

Emergency responders arrived, engaging in a firefight with the shooter, who ultimately succumbed to his injuries. In the chaos, a bystander was also shot and rushed to the hospital in critical condition while a firefighter sustained minor injuries. The community is left grappling with the aftermath of the senseless violence that unfolded that day.

A memorial service honoring Officer Jamal Mitchell has been scheduled for Tuesday morning at Maple Grove Senior High School in Maple Grove, Minnesota. As the investigation continues, authorities have not disclosed the events leading up to the shooting or speculated on the motive behind the deadly attack. The community remains united in grief as they seek answers and justice for the victims.

The impact of this tragedy reverberates throughout Minneapolis, highlighting the need for community support and resilience in the face of such senseless acts of violence. As the city mourns the lives lost and grapples with the aftermath of the mass shooting, the memory of those affected by this tragic event will forever be honored and remembered.