Public Inquest Reveals Heartbreaking Testimony in James Smith Cree Nation Murders

Melfort, Saskatchewan – The public inquest into the 11 deaths on September 4, 2022, continued to bring heart-wrenching testimony from family members, including Barbra Marion, sister of one of the victims, Christian Head. The inquest aims to provide closure and understanding of the tragic events that occurred 16 months ago in the James Smith Cree Nation and Village of Weldon.

Marion admitted to feeling hesitant about attending the inquest, where evidence surrounding the deaths of her brother and his wife, Lana Head, would be presented. However, she ultimately decided to seek closure and understanding, stating that she wasn’t sure if it would bring her peace, but she needed to find some kind of closure. Her brave decision to attend reflects the deep emotional toll that these tragic events have had on the community.

During the testimony, Marion shared the heart-wrenching experience of receiving a call on September 4, informing her that her brother had been stabbed. She hurried to his house, only to find him unresponsive. The discovery of Lana in a similar condition added to the overwhelming anguish she felt. Marion’s personal account sheds light on the trauma and fear that has gripped the community, with anxieties and depression affecting the sense of safety for many residents.

Chief Coroner Clive Weighill emphasized the highly anticipated testimony that will be presented, including details regarding the causes of death for each victim. The inquest aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the tragic events, focusing on gathering evidence and facts, rather than serving as a trial. This commitment to transparency and truth-seeking emphasizes the importance of bringing closure and healing to the affected community.

As the inquest continues, it serves as a vital platform for the community to come together, seek understanding, and support one another through the shared grief and trauma. The emotional testimony offered by family members, such as Barbra Marion, underscores the profound impact that these tragic events have had on individuals and the entire community.