Recovery Efforts Underway After East Lansdowne Shooting and Fire

EAST LANSDOWNE, Pa. – A tragic incident unfolded in East Lansdowne, Delaware County, as a house fire and shooting left three members of the Le family dead, with three others still unaccounted for. The recovery efforts have been ongoing as authorities work to uncover the remains of the missing family members.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer provided an update on the situation, confirming that the remains of three family members have been recovered. The events that transpired at the home on Lewis Avenue are heartbreaking and difficult to comprehend for the community.

According to Chin Le, who identified herself as the mother of the shooter, her son is believed to be responsible for the shooting and fire. She relayed information to CBS Philadelphia through her family doctor, Khan Che, who detailed what she was able to share about the tragic events before she and her husband were able to escape.

Che disclosed that Chin Le’s son, Khan Le, was involved in an argument with his 10-year-old nephew, which escalated into the shooting. Chin Le revealed that her son shot five people, including three children, before taking his own life. The Le family, who emigrated from Vietnam over 40 years ago, has been living in East Lansdowne for decades.

Chin Le mentioned that her son, Khan Le, had recently gone through a divorce and was currently unemployed. According to Che, when asked about her son’s mental and medical state, Chin Le insisted that he was completely normal.

The tragic events have left the community in shock and mourning, as authorities continue their efforts to locate and identify the missing family members. The devastating incident has sent ripples through the East Lansdowne community, leaving many grappling with the unimaginable loss.