Referee Assault Halts Tanzania Women’s Football Match In Dramatic Showdown

Dodoma, Tanzania – A women’s football match in Tanzania turned chaotic as Ceasiaa Queens players aggressively pursued and attacked a referee following a disputed penalty decision. The incident, which took place during a crucial league match against Alliance Schools, has sparked widespread condemnation.

Video footage from the event shows the match official being chased by players across the pitch after awarding a penalty to the opposing team. Despite attempting to flee towards the athletics track surrounding the field, the referee was relentlessly pursued by the players, escalating the chaos.

In a disturbing turn of events, one player attempted a physical assault but missed, leading to heightened tensions around the stadium. Despite briefly managing to distance himself from the pursuing players, the referee was surrounded near the tunnel entrance, where further attempts at violence occurred.

Authorities intervened as some players caught up to the referee, with one player launching a kick and a male spectator throwing punches. The match was prematurely halted with Ceacea Queens leading 2-1 and moments away from the final whistle.

The incident adds tension to the league as Ceacea Queens and Yanga Princess compete for second and third place, respectively, following Simba’s championship win with 54 points. The Football Association of Tanzania has initiated an immediate investigation into the incident, with potential sanctions looming for those involved.

An official from the football governing body expressed outrage, condemning the behavior as tarnishing the spirit of the game and unacceptable in sports. This episode has not only shocked fans and officials but has also raised concerns about sportsmanship in Tanzanian women’s football. Stay updated for more information.