Reward Increased to $30,000 for Information on Murder of Hector Ascencio Sr.

Los Angeles, California – The brutal murder of Hector Ascencio Sr., a 58-year-old man, in front of his young granddaughter has sparked outrage in the community, leading the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office to offer a $30,000 reward for any information that may lead to the arrest of the perpetrator. Ascencio was tragically shot and killed on September 13, 2023, when he innocently opened the front door of his home, according to a statement released by the sheriff’s office. His granddaughter witnessed the horrific incident.

Authorities have announced that both the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the City of South Gate have collectively approved a $30,000 reward for any details that could help in apprehending the individual(s) responsible for the heinous crime. The motive behind the senseless act remains unclear, leaving family members and the community in shock and disbelief.

In the wake of his father’s tragic death, Andy Ascencio, one of Ascencio Sr.’s sons, has expressed his anguish and disbelief, urging anyone with information to come forward. Witnesses or anyone involved in the shooting are encouraged to speak out and help bring closure to the family. The grief and confusion surrounding the incident have left family members grappling with the question of why such a kind and gentle soul was targeted in such a violent manner.

Los Angeles Supervisor Janice Hahn has condemned the brutal act, emphasizing the need for justice to be served swiftly. The gruesome nature of Ascencio’s death, especially in the presence of his loved ones, has only served to amplify the urgency of capturing those responsible. Authorities have reported that a dark-colored four-door vehicle was spotted fleeing the scene of the crime shortly after the incident, raising suspicions and prompting intensified efforts to track down the perpetrator.

As the investigation continues, community members and law enforcement officials are working tirelessly to ensure that justice prevails in the case of Hector Ascencio Sr.’s tragic and untimely death. The callous nature of the crime has united the community in grief and determination to seek justice for the innocent victim and his grieving family.