Rowdy Sheeter Murdered in Hyderabad Over Unpaid Debt

Hyderabad, India: A rowdy sheeter was brutally murdered in the Jalpally area on Wednesday night, after a dispute over payment for a horse and bike. Mohammed Mubarak Sigar, also known as Mubeen, was allegedly stabbed and had his private part cut off by a group of six individuals who had sold him the horse and bike. The victim had refused to pay the money, which led to the fatal confrontation.

According to police sources, Sigar, 33, had a criminal record and was known to the police as a rowdy sheeter from Balapur, with 23 cases registered against him, including two murders, five attempted murders, and thefts. The dispute arose after Sigar purchased the horse and two-wheeler from one of the killers and promised to pay later, but then threatened the seller when asked for payment.

The accused, identified as Adil, Amir, and Hussain, who were acquaintances of Rajendranagar and Bandlaguda rowdies, planned to settle the matter with Sigar. They summoned him to Jalpally at midnight, where they confronted him about the money. The situation escalated when Sigar refused to pay, leading to a heated argument before the accused allegedly stabbed and mutilated him, resulting in his tragic death.

The brutal nature of the murder has shocked the community, with law enforcement officers revealing the gruesome details of the crime. The murder underscores the ongoing issue of criminal violence and disputes in the city, prompting authorities to address the root causes and prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future.

In conclusion, the murder of Mohammed Mubarak Sigar, also known as Mubeen, in Hyderabad’s Jalpally area has brought attention to the complexities of criminal violence and disputes within the city. The tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for effective measures to address and prevent such fatal confrontations.