Search Underway for Suspects in Latest Downtown Cincinnati Attack

CINCINNATI, OHIO — The Cincinnati Police Department is on the lookout for several suspects following the release of a disturbing video showing an attack in downtown Cincinnati. The video, shared on social media, depicts a group of individuals near Government Square involved in what appears to be a violent assault on another person.

In the video, one person is seen fleeing, with about eight others in pursuit, eventually attacking the victim. The assailants continued the assault, repeatedly punching and kicking the victim before making their escape. According to Cincinnati police, the incident took place on Wednesday, January 24, around 2 p.m. near the 100 block of East 5th Street.

Police are urging anyone with information about the suspects shown in the video to come forward and contact the Cincinnati Police Department Central Business Section or Crime Stoppers. In a statement, Cincinnati police Chief Teresa Theetge condemned the recent surge in violent crime incidents involving juveniles in the city, calling the video “disturbing” and emphasizing the lack of justification for inflicting harm within the community.

This latest video comes on the heels of another assault captured in footage showing a group of eight suspects assaulting a man on E. 6th Street just a day earlier. In the surveillance video, the victim is seen being attacked from behind by a large group. The victim, who sustained minor injuries, also had items taken from their person before the suspects fled the scene. Two individuals have since been arrested in connection to this incident.

As Cincinnati police continue their search for the suspects, Lt. Jonathan Cunningham is urging parents with children who frequent the downtown area to have conversations with them about safety and the consequences of being involved in such incidents. He also provided a list of actions for the public to take if they witness an assault, including immediately calling 911 and providing any video evidence to the appropriate CPD District Investigative Unit.

The recent series of violent attacks in downtown Cincinnati has raised concerns and prompted the police department to take a proactive stance in addressing safety and security in the area.