Seven Family Members Honored at Vigil in Joliet

JOLIET, Ill. – A tragic event occurred last week in Will County, leading to a large turnout of friends and family on Sunday for a vigil in memory of seven family members who lost their lives. The group gathered on the block where the deadly shootings took place, a place filled with cherished memories of holidays and moments of love and laughter.

Cara Esters, a sister to three of the victims, expressed that the tragedy does not define their family. It was a moment of heartbreak and love for the Nance and Ester families as they gathered to honor their lost loved ones.

The Joliet investigators accused Romeo Nance of killing eight people before taking his own life during a police confrontation in Texas. Seven of the victims were his close relatives, including his mother, brother, aunt, uncle, and three sisters.

Among the victims were Tameka Nance, 47; Christine Esters, 38; William Esters II, 35; Joshua Nance, 31; Alexandria Nance, 20; and two teen sisters. They were remembered by their family friend, Latisha Fox, as loving people who were loved by many.

Cara shared that her family wants to be remembered for their love and laughter, which they embodied throughout their lives. She found peace in the fact that her relatives left a lasting legacy behind them, always willing to help others and bring light into the lives of those around them.

The impact on the community was evident as a large crowd gathered to pray and honor the victims during the vigil. Many spoke about their struggle to understand the tragedy but expressed gratitude for the memories they shared with the victims. Pastor Deon Hayes reassured the community that, despite the incomprehensible tragedy, God is still in control.

As the family moves forward with the memory of their loved ones watching over them, they aim to keep their legacy alive. Memorials now sit outside the victims’ home, serving as a reminder that their family will never be forgotten.

In the wake of this devastating loss, a GoFundMe has been created to support the surviving family members during this difficult time.