Shocking: Murder Suspect’s Neighbor Shares Her Disbelief

PORTLAND, Ore. residents are reeling from the shocking accusation that a woman in the Lents Neighborhood is suspected of killing her husband and remains at large. The accused, 55-year-old Analiesa Golde, is wanted for second-degree murder after her husband, 37-year-old Phillip E. Pierce, was found shot to death during a wellness check last Friday.

Neighbors of the couple expressed disbelief, with Judy Ballew stating, “It’s so heartbreaking. I just hope that’s not really what happened.” Residents were stunned, as the couple appeared to be “super sweet people” and there were no signs of trouble just days prior to the incident.

When police arrived for the wellness check, the home was locked, and they had to force entry to find Pierce deceased inside. The discovery left the tight-knit community in shock, with Ballew describing the chaotic scene of police swarming the area.

The neighborhood is described as “fantastic” and filled with good people, making the alleged murder even more unthinkable. Residents are still in disbelief and grappling with the tragic turn of events. In the wake of the tragedy, local authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward, especially as Golde remains at large and is considered armed and dangerous.

As the community seeks answers and closure, residents are left questioning what may have led to the alleged murder, holding onto hope for a resolution in the ongoing investigation. The shocking incident has left a lasting impact on the tight-knit Portland community, where such violence is rare and unexpected.