Shocking: Twisted Trinidad Brothers Murdered Mother and Buried Her in Unmarked Grave

HERTFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND – Fifty-five years after the tragic murder of Muriel McKay, her family faces a new dilemma. In 1969, McKay was abducted and killed by the Hosein brothers in a botched kidnapping attempt. Nizamodeen and Arthur Hosein mistook McKay for the first wife of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, triggering a convoluted but error-strewn abduction that ultimately led to McKay’s torturous death.

Confounded by the mystery of her disappearance and demise, McKay’s family recently offered a farm owner financial compensation to allow them to excavate a parcel of land where they suspect McKay’s remains may lie. Nizamodeen Hosein, one of the convicted killers, has offered to help the authorities locate McKay’s body, claiming to have buried her under a manure heap on the farm three days after her kidnapping.

The Hosein brothers, who were found guilty of kidnapping and murdering McKay, were given life sentences. Nizamodeen was released in 1990 and deported. Their refusal to disclose McKay’s whereabouts prompted grisly speculation that her body had been disposed of on the farm. The case gained international attention and even resulted in the Hosein brothers’ waxworks being displayed in Madame Tussaud’s Chamber of Horrors.

Despite Nizamodeen’s recent statements and willingness to cooperate, authorities have yet to locate McKay’s remains. A recent search of a small section of a field near the farm was unsuccessful. The Metropolitan Police continues to work with McKay’s family to uncover any leads that may lead to the recovery of McKay’s body.

The tragic story of Muriel McKay’s abduction and murder has haunted her family for over five decades. As they continue to seek closure, they hope that new leads and evidence will eventually bring an end to their enduring anguish related to her untimely death.