Shooting Rampage in Minneapolis Claims Fourth Victim

Minneapolis, Minnesota – The recent mass shooting that occurred in late May in Minneapolis has claimed its fourth victim, as Mohamed Aden, 36, succumbed to injuries sustained during the tragic incident. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed Aden’s death on Friday, attributing it to complications arising from multiple gunshot wounds inflicted during the May 30 shooting.

In the ongoing investigation, it was revealed that Aden and another individual were shot inside an apartment by the shooter, identified as 35-year-old Mustafa Mohamed. Unfortunately, one of the victims, Osman Said Jimale, 32, did not survive the attack. The events unfolded with Officer Jamal Mitchell being the first responder to the shooting, confronting Mohamed outside the apartment. In a shocking turn of events, Mohamed unexpectedly drew a firearm and opened fire on Mitchell, resulting in fatal injuries.

Following the initial exchange, a second officer arrived at the scene and engaged in a gunfire confrontation with Mohamed, leading to the gunman’s demise. While the second officer sustained non-life-threatening wounds, a bystander was also shot and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Additionally, a firefighter responding to the incident incurred minor injuries in the chaotic aftermath.

A memorial service has been arranged to honor Officer Mitchell at Maple Grove Senior High School in Maple Grove, Minnesota, scheduled to take place on Tuesday morning. As investigations continue into the sequence of events that precipitated the violent encounter, authorities remain tight-lipped about any potential motives driving Mohamed to carry out the tragic shooting. The community grapples with the aftermath of the devastating incident, seeking answers and closure in the wake of such senseless violence.