Skeletal Remains of Missing 5-Year-Old Boy Finally Identified

Galax, Virginia – Skeletal remains discovered last year in the wooded area of Galax, Virginia, have been identified as those of 5-year-old Logan Nathaniel Bowman, who went missing in January 2003. The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with Othram, Inc., a Texas-based company specializing in forensic genome sequencing, made the breakthrough identification.

Logan Bowman’s disappearance in Grayson County led to charges against his biological mother, Cynthia Davis, and her then-boyfriend, Dennis Schermerhorn. Davis was convicted of secondary murder and sentenced to 15 years, while the charges against Schermerhorn were dismissed in 2004 due to insufficient evidence.

The sheriff’s office anticipates new charges in the ongoing investigation after the identification of the remains.

The discovery of the skeletal remains came to light on September 6, 2024, when a man who had purchased the property alerted authorities. He had found the remains inside a trash bag. Sheriff Kevin Kemp of Carroll County Sheriff’s Office expressed astonishment at the rare and significant turn of events.

The sheriff’s office revealed that the remains had been at the location for an extended period of time, indicating a long-standing mystery surrounding the case. With the assistance of Othram Inc., a full DNA profile of the remains was developed using forensic genetic genealogy and two direct DNA comparisons of family members. This analysis confirmed the identity of the remains as Logan Bowman.

The missing boy’s tragic story serves as a reminder of the lasting impact that unresolved cases can have on communities and loved ones. Despite Logan’s death, the authorities are still investigating the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

The identification of Logan Nathaniel Bowman’s skeletal remains after nearly two decades signifies a breakthrough in a Cold Case that has haunted this small Virginia community. The ongoing investigation seeks to bring closure to this devastating chapter and ultimately ensure justice for Logan.