Sniper Arrested: Allegedly Tried to Sell Weapons, Plan Attack at Southern Border

Eagle Pass, Texas – The FBI recently arrested a self-proclaimed militia sniper, Paul Faye Sr., for attempting to sell an unregistered suppressor for an AK-47 to an undercover agent. However, the charges against Faye go beyond illegal weapon sales. The FBI has accused him of planning a violent attack on individuals at the southern border.

According to a criminal complaint filed on February 2, Faye’s “war room” was equipped with numerous firearms, including AR-15 rifles, a Creedmoor rifle, and a shotgun. The complaint also revealed Faye’s alleged plan to transport explosives to the border and his coordination with militia groups from several states.

Faye reportedly expressed his belief to undercover agents that the government was deliberately allowing illegal immigration for its own benefit. It was revealed that he intended to provoke chaos and spark a “domino effect” by engaging in violent acts at the border, boasting that he would be the first to arrive and the last to leave.

The arrest of Faye sheds light on the presence of loosely organized groups in response to what some perceive as a crisis at the southern border. These groups have been rallying to repel migrants from the United States.

Reports in January revealed a convoy known as “God’s Army” gathering followers to halt migrant crossings at the border. As of the latest information, the group has amassed over 4,600 followers on the messaging app Telegram.

Faye’s arrest comes at a time when the southern border continues to be a point of contention, not just for law enforcement but also for various activist groups and individuals who are taking matters into their own hands. The case also emphasizes the ongoing challenges and security concerns related to immigration at the US-Mexico border.