Syrian Teenage Refugee Advocates for War-Affected Children: A Survivor’s Story of Hope

Winnipeg, Canada – Ibraheem Sarhan, a young advocate for war-affected children, shares his harrowing experience as a refugee from Syria. Born in Damascus, Sarhan was only nine years old when the war broke out in his home country in 2011. Initially oblivious to the realities of war, he found solace in missing school due to bombings near his town, unaware of the gravity of the situation.

As the conflict escalated, Sarhan and his family were forced to flee their home, seeking refuge on his grandfather’s farm in a nearby town. Living in cramped quarters with relatives, the once peaceful life was shattered by the harsh realities of war. Struggling to sleep amidst the chaos and uncertainty, Sarhan’s fear grew as the situation worsened.

The turning point came when rockets struck near their farm, prompting a frantic scramble for safety. Left in shock, Sarhan eventually found himself in a car with his injured cousin, unable to move or speak. The journey that followed was filled with pain, surgeries, and uncertainty, leading him to an underground hospital for treatment.

Separated from his family, Sarhan’s days were filled with worry and longing for their safety. When the devastating news of his mother’s and siblings’ deaths reached him, the weight of the tragedy was unbearable. Left to heal and cope with immense loss, Sarhan found solace in sharing his story of survival in Canada.

Now settled in a new country, Sarhan continues to advocate for children affected by war, knowing that his story is just one of many. Despite finding peace and equality in his new home, he remains acutely aware of the millions of children still suffering in conflict zones worldwide.

Through his resilience and determination to share his story, Sarhan sheds light on the plight of those affected by war, hoping to inspire change and empathy for those enduring similar hardships. His journey from Syria to Canada serves as a haunting reminder of the human cost of war and the strength found in overcoming adversity.