Tamworth Man Jailed for Vicious Attack on Woman Resulting in Broken Ribs and Bruising

A violent attack on a woman in Tamworth, England, has led to a 32-year-old man being sentenced to two and a half years in prison for wounding and criminal damage. Emmanuel Cassie, from Sykesmoor, Stonydelph, launched a vicious assault on the victim in her own home during the early hours of June 27 last year, leaving her with broken ribs, cuts, scratches, and bruising.

After forcing his way into the victim’s residence, Cassie spat at her, threw a glass at her, and physically assaulted her. He then proceeded to vandalize the interior of the house by destroying property in the kitchen. The violent incident resulted in the victim’s hospitalization, but she has since made a full recovery.

Staffordshire Police swiftly apprehended Cassie on the same day following the report of the attack, leading to his arrest and subsequent trial. Detective Constable Wiley, involved in the case, emphasized the importance of supporting victims and bringing perpetrators of violence to justice.

“I’m happy that we’ve been able to deliver justice and I hope this serves as a message that we will take action against those who think it’s acceptable to commit acts of violence and harm people in Staffordshire,” Wiley explained.

Highlighting the commitment to addressing violence, abuse, and intimidation of women and girls, Wiley stressed the need for societal change to eradicate toxic misogyny and promote equality and respect. This case serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to hold perpetrators accountable and prevent such acts from occurring in the first place.

The sentencing of Cassie to two and a half years in prison by Stafford Crown Court reflects the severity of the crimes committed. It also sends a strong message that the justice system will take decisive action against individuals who perpetrate violence, particularly against women and girls.