TANDLIANWALA: Allied Hospital Nurse Tortured to Death, Residents Protests Late Police Response

Tandlianwala, Pakistan: The in-charge of the Nursing Department at Allied Hospital was found tortured to death in her home on Sunday. The victim, 55-year-old Najma Bibi, lived alone in Mohalla Rehmanpura and was discovered by her nephew after he jumped over the wall of her house when she did not answer his calls. The police have taken her body into custody, performed a post-mortem, and registered a case against the unidentified suspects.

Sohail Akhtar, a resident of Gulberg Valley, filed a case reporting the tragic incident. According to him, his aunt Najma Bibi was viciously attacked and left to die in her home, with the perpetrators locking the house from outside as they fled the scene. This horrifying act of violence has sparked an urgent search for the suspects, with the police conducting raids in the area to bring them to justice.

In a separate incident earlier in the week, a man was killed and his brother critically injured during a robbery at their home in Tandlianwala. The robbers entered the house and shot 40-year-old Muhammad Iqbal twice in the head, resulting in his tragic death. His brother, Ghulam Rasool, also sustained a bullet injury. The tragic event prompted the local residents to protest the delayed arrival of the police at the crime scene, expressing their frustration and concern over the rising criminal activities in their community.

In response to the escalating violence, the police announced the arrest of 16 suspected members of five different robbery gangs, seizing a significant amount of stolen property and weapons. Among the arrested individuals, three managed to escape, but the authorities are committed to pursuing them and ensuring that they face the full consequences of their actions.

The comprehensive effort by the police to apprehend the suspects demonstrates an important commitment to maintaining law and order in the community. However, the ruthless acts of violence that have occurred in Tandlianwala serve as a stark reminder of the need for continued vigilance and swift action to address the root causes of such criminal behavior. The local authorities and residents must work together to create a safer environment and prevent further tragic incidents from occurring.