Terror Attack in Ra’anana Leaves Woman Dead and 17 Injured at Multiple Scenes

Ra’anana, Israel – A terror attack in Ra’anana, Israel, on Monday afternoon resulted in the murder of a woman approximately 70 years old and the injury of 17 others. The attack was carried out by two terrorists from Chevron, who took control of two cars and proceeded to stab and ram into multiple people on three different streets.

Among the victims, at least three individuals, including a 16-year-old teenager, are in a serious condition, while the others sustained moderate and light injuries. Schneider Children’s Hospital confirmed that it is treating four children and teens in moderate condition, who were evacuated from the scene, with more to be transferred from Beilinson Hospital.

The terrifying event began when one of the terrorists, a Palestinian resident in his 40s, hijacked a woman’s car, subsequently stabbing her and crashing into three pedestrians near a bus stop. The attacker then proceeded to another street, where he hijacked another car and continued the rampage by stabbing and ramming into more people. Simultaneously, the second terrorist also took control of a car on a separate street, causing further harm before fleeing the scene.

Following the attack, MDA paramedics provided emergency medical aid and evacuated nine people to Beilinson and Meir hospitals, with three in serious condition and six in moderate condition. The Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba reported treating six victims with stabbing wounds and injuries from the vehicular attacks. In addition, a large number of security forces were deployed to the scene, resulting in the swift detention of two suspects, Mahmoud Zidat, 44, and Ahmed Zidat, 24, who both resided in the same town in the Chevron area.

It was also revealed that both terrorists were working illegally in Ra’anana’s industrial zone. The police confirmed that they had carried out searches to ensure there were no additional terrorists in the area. The swift actions of the security forces and law enforcement resulted in the arrests of the perpetrators, providing some measure of relief to the community in the wake of the attacks.