Texas Step-Mom Myrta Romanos Arrested in Connection to Savanah Soto Murders – Spurring Hope for Justice

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – A third suspect has been arrested in connection to the murders of pregnant teenager Savanah Soto and her boyfriend. Myrta Romanos, 47, has been charged with the abuse of a corpse, tampering of evidence, and altering/destroying/concealing a human corpse after the young couple were fatally shot on 21 December in Texas, the San Antonio Police Department announced Wednesday.

Soto, 18, and her boyfriend Matthew Guerra, 22, were reported missing in late December, after she failed to turn up to an appointment to have her pregnancy induced. Their bodies were found inside their car on 26 December, both having been shot in the head. Soto’s unborn child, who she had already named Fabian, was also deceased.

Christopher Preciado and his father Ramon Preciado, were previously arrested last week after disturbing footage allegedly captured them with the victims’ vehicle on the night of the killings. Christopher, 19, was charged with capital murder while the 53-year-old was charged with abuse of a corpse. Both have faced additional charges since their arrests.

Ms. Romanos, who is believed to be the stepmother of Christopher Preciado, told police that she was at her home with both Ramon and Christopher on the night of the murders, claiming that she “could not recall the events of the night,” and that she thinks she was sleeping. However, investigators said they have obtained surveillance footage showing Ms. Romanos leaving her house with Ramon in his vehicle on the night of the murders – before returning several minutes later, this time with Christopher in tow in Ramon’s vehicle.
Now, police say Ms. Romanos was also involved, and investigators believe that she knowingly helped hide the victims’ bodies. During a search of Ms. Romanos’ home, police found a firearm concealed in a closet, which police believe was intentionally hidden there. The firearm matched the shell casings recovered from the victim’s vehicle, leading to the belief it was the murder weapon allegedly used by her stepson.

Police are confident that no more arrests will be made in connection to the murders. Christopher and Ramon Preciado are in jail awaiting indictment and are slated to appear in court on 5 February and 6 February, respectively.