The Best Retiree Travel Destinations

Many baby boomers aspire to travel in retirement and frequently have a wish list of places to visit. According to a new AARP study of 889 baby boomers, they plan a mix of local and foreign excursions during the next five years. Here are the destinations that baby boomers say they wish to visit the most.

Here are the top destinations for baby boomers.


Many visitors visit Hawaii because of the stunning beaches and laid-back island lifestyle. 18% of baby boomers considering domestic travels have the 50th state on their bucket list, and a trip to Hawaii usually tops the list.


Australia is the most popular foreign vacation destination, with 13% of baby boomers including it on their international bucket list. The area’s distinctive fauna and natural beauty, as well as the simplicity of visiting a country where English is spoken, make it a popular retirement destination.


Consider spending your retirement eating and drinking at Italian restaurants. You may then work off the extra calories by visiting one of Italy’s numerous historical sites. Around 12% of boomers contemplating foreign travel want to visit Italy.


Many boomers (12%) put the United States’ largest and northernmost state on their domestic bucket list. Retirees might opt to unwind with some fishing or a cruise, or they can go on an expedition to see glaciers and mountains. During the long summer days, you’ll have plenty of daylight for sightseeing.

The United Kingdom and Ireland

To visit these renowned tourist destinations, you do not need to speak a foreign language. You may visit the metropolis attractions of London and Dublin, or you can visit the lovely countryside. Many baby boomers (11%) want to visit the United Kingdom, Ireland, or both.


France is well-known for its delectable cuisine, renowned couture, and refined culture. 10% of baby boomers want to savor French culinary delights, visit Paris’ renowned sights, or take in the slower pace of country life.


A trip to the spectacular redwoods, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, or other California destinations is on the bucket list of 8% of retirees. Accommodations in San Francisco or Los Angeles might be rather pricey. Still, you can often find free activities like driving up the Pacific Coast Highway or swimming at a public beach.


Whether it’s a trip to the Grand Canyon or a relaxing winter by the pool, 8 percent of boomers want to visit Arizona. This state, particularly Yuma, has some of the best weather in the world, and many retirees spend their winters here.


Many retirees want to visit Las Vegas for the casinos and nightlife (7 percent). But don’t overlook the natural splendor of the surrounding region. When you’re tired of gaming and buffets, go to Red Rock Canyon or Lake Mead.

New York City

Performances, museums, restaurants, and architecture in New York City are some of the best in the country. You may unwind by taking a stroll in Central Park or simply gazing up at the array of skyscrapers and bridges. Approximately 7% of boomers are considering a retirement trip to enjoy these metropolitan joys.

The Caribbean Islands

Few things are more relaxing than imagining yourself lounging in a beach chair on a Caribbean island, with no obligations other than adjusting your umbrella and ordering your next refreshing drink. Some baby boomers (7%) are counting the days until their next trip to a Caribbean island.