The Traitors Star Charlie “Murdered” After Viewers Struggle to Tell Her Apart from Evie

London, England – Fans of the TV show “The Traitors” were shocked on Friday when star Charlie was unexpectedly ‘murdered’ on the latest episode. The mental health area manager was killed off by the characters Harry and Andrew, leaving viewers surprised by the unexpected twist after Paul was banished from the Scottish castle.

Many fans had struggled to differentiate between Charlie and her lookalike Evie, but they found a silver lining in her elimination, grateful that they would no longer confuse the two. The two blondes had been likened to twin sisters, with some viewers even admitting they hadn’t realized the two were different people.

After her murder, fans took to social media to share their amusement with memes about the likeness of Charlie and Evie, expressing relief that they could finally tell them apart.

The show’s nail-biting finale is approaching, and viewers were also left rejoicing after ‘villain’ Paul was finally banished during a dramatic round table. His actions had divided the audience, with some praising him for providing entertainment, while others were desperate to see him found out by the Faithfuls and banished.

The unexpected betrayal of Paul by Harry also led fans to root for Harry to win the show as he manipulated the Faithfuls into banishing Paul from the Scottish castle.

The dramatic events in the latest episode have left fans eagerly anticipating the show’s finale as it continues to captivate and surprise its audience.