Times-Square Illegals Stomp and Kick NYPD Officers Without Arrest

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Two violent migrants involved in a brutal attack on two NYPD officers in Times Square have yet to be apprehended, leaving the New York Police Department still searching for the suspects. The shocking incident, captured on CCTV, showed a mob of illegal immigrants kicking and beating the officers just steps from the New Amsterdam Theater, a popular tourist spot. Despite the release of photos by police, the suspects remain at large.

The now-viral video of the attack shows one of the migrants stomping on a lieutenant’s head while another kicks the other officer in the back. The first migrant then returns to take another kick at the lieutenant. Photos released by the police depicted each suspect, providing crucial information for the ongoing investigation.

The brutal attacks sparked widespread condemnation as several of the initial suspects who were arrested were subsequently released on bail and fled the state. This led to calls for the removal of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg from office. Bragg, however, stated that his office continues to work with law enforcement to bring everyone involved in the attacks to justice. The situation has caused a stir, with concerns rising about an uptick in violent crime perpetrated by illegal immigrants in the city.

The ongoing crisis of illegal immigration has prompted New York City Mayor Eric Adams to request $4.6 billion in the new budget to address the situation. More than 170,000 migrants have arrived in the city since 2022, with funding for migrant shelters taking priority while other services face budget cuts. Despite receiving some federal aid, the city and state governments have shouldered a significant financial burden related to the crisis.

The article continued discussing the allocation of funds for large-scale migrant tent shelters and housing, as well as plans for a pilot program to provide prepaid credit cards to migrant families housed in hotels. Additionally, it highlighted other incidents related to migrant crime in the city, shedding light on the broader impact and implications of the ongoing crisis.