UVALDE Mayor Resigns Amid Controversial Report After School Shooting

uvalde, texas – City of Uvalde Mayor Cody Smith has announced his resignation, citing health issues. This decision comes amidst the aftermath of a controversial report regarding the response to a school shooting that occurred in May 2022 at Robb Elementary School, where 21 individuals tragically lost their lives. Mayor Smith expressed his need to focus on his health and expressed gratitude to the community for their support during his recovery from unforeseen health challenges.

The resignation of Mayor Smith coincides with the impending departure of Uvalde Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez, who is set to step down on April 6. The independent report commissioned by the city sought to defend the actions of local law enforcement officials during the response to the school shooting. Despite criticism and scrutiny from victims’ families and the community, the report found no wrongdoing by officers who delayed confronting the armed teen gunman for over an hour.

In the wake of the controversy surrounding the report, City Council members in Uvalde are scheduled to convene to discuss the findings in a closed session. The recent postponement of a meeting due to concerns about Mayor Smith’s health indicates the gravity of the situation and the impact it has had on local governance.

The investigation into the school shooting was conducted by private investigator Jesse Prado, a former police detective, who was compensated $97,000 for his services. The presentation of the report at a city council meeting sparked outrage and frustration among those affected by the tragic events at Robb Elementary School.

As Uvalde grapples with the aftermath of the school shooting and the subsequent fallout from the report, the resignations of Mayor Smith and Police Chief Rodriguez mark a turning point for the city. The community is left to reflect on the challenges faced in the aftermath of such a devastating event and the need for accountability and transparency in local governance.