Vicious Trio Jailed for “Catastrophic” Head Injuries in Peterborough Attack

Peterborough, England – A brutal assault in Eastgate, Peterborough resulted in a group of individuals being sentenced to jail for leaving their victim with “catastrophic” head injuries.

Ben Williams, Tamara Matthews, and Leonard Davis were convicted for their involvement in the vicious attack that took place in April last year. The victim, in his 30s, was repeatedly struck in the head with a claw hammer, causing severe injuries including an internal brain bleed. The horrifying incident was captured in a 999 call made to the police, during which the victim could be heard pleading for help before the line went silent, followed by the sound of hammer strikes and abusive language.

When the police arrived at the scene, they witnessed Tamara Matthews and another male attacking the victim. Inside the house, they found the victim with “catastrophic” head injuries, while Williams and another man, Leonard Davis, had fled through an upstairs window. Matthews and another woman, Isla Fitzgerald, were found at the scene and taken into custody, while Williams and Davis were later arrested in Norwich after a thorough investigation and tracking by the authorities.

After a 14-day trial at Cambridge Crown Court, Williams was found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to 31 years in jail, while Matthews and Davis received nine-year sentences for their involvement in the assault. The victim survived the brutal attack with severe injuries, including a brain hemorrhage, bruising, swelling, and lacerations to his scalp, but is fortunate to have survived and alerted the authorities to the intruders in his home.

The investigation revealed that the attack was believed to have been sparked by an incident involving family members of Matthews, shedding light on the motive behind the brutal assault. Detective Constable Lauren Easton, who led the investigation, described the attack as extremely vicious and highlighted the lasting impact it had on the victim’s physical well-being.