Vigil Held in Town of Apex to Remember Women Shot and Killed in Neighborhood

APEX, N.C. – The town of Apex, North Carolina, gathered to honor the memory of Nancy Taylor and Gabrielle Raymond, who were tragically shot and killed in their townhome neighborhood. The vigil held on Monday night brought together more than 100 people who lit candles and prayed in remembrance of the two women.

The vigil served as a way for the community not only to remember Taylor and Raymond but also to offer support to their families. Mayor Jacques Gilbert expressed the sentiment that the families of the victims have become an integral part of the community, and their loss is deeply felt by all.

The accused perpetrator, Harry Hardman, has been arrested by the Apex police in connection with the murders of Taylor and Raymond. Laura Frankie spoke on behalf of the Raymond family, describing the loss as a shocking and unnecessary act of violence that took away a beloved member of their family.

Frankie remembered Gabrielle as a kind and loving individual who brought joy to the lives of those around her. Pastor Doug Stride shared a message from Nancy Taylor’s family, describing her as a devoted grandmother who cherished her family and found immense joy in watching her grandsons’ baseball games.

The vigil was a poignant representation of the community’s unity in grieving the loss of two cherished members. The impact of their lives was evident through the outpouring of love and support from those who knew them best, leaving an indelible mark on the town of Apex.