$40,000 Reward Doubled to Find Killer of Bixby Man’s Donkeys

Bixby, Oklahoma – A man from Bixby, Oklahoma, is offering a $40,000 reward for any information leading to the person responsible for allegedly murdering his two donkeys.

Keith Willhite initially offered a $20,000 reward when the incident occurred last year. However, he has now decided to double the reward amount due to the lack of progress in the investigation. Willhite expressed his deep emotional connection to the donkeys, stating, “I loved them. They were my friends, and I’m going to fight for them.”

According to Willhite, all potential leads in the case have gone cold, and he has been frustrated with the lack of communication and progress from law enforcement and the district attorney’s office. He mentioned that the county’s response and the pace of the investigation have been disappointing.

Expressing his determination not to let the memories of his donkeys fade away, Willhite emphasized the importance of solving the case and stressed that his family, despite not being wealthy, is willing to offer the substantial reward to find the perpetrators.

Willhite also thanked the media for keeping the search for answers alive. He encouraged anyone with information to come forward and provided contact information for his family.

In conclusion, the Bixby man’s decision to double the reward for information on the murder of his donkeys reflects his deep emotional connection to the animals and his determination to seek justice. Despite the lack of progress in the investigation, he remains hopeful that offering a substantial reward will lead to new leads in the case.