CEO Allegedly Kills 4-Year-Old Son and Flees to Karnataka

BENGALURU, India – A 39-year-old start-up founder from Bengaluru allegedly killed her four-year-old son in Goa and was later apprehended in Karnataka with her son’s body.

Suchana Seth, the CEO of artificial intelligence start-up Mindful AI Lab, was arrested in Chitradurga, Karnataka on Monday while transporting her son’s body in a bag. According to the Goa Police, the woman confessed to murdering her son because she did not want her ex-husband to meet the child.

The couple got married in 2010 and had a son in 2019, but they divorced in 2020. The father was granted visitation rights to see his son every Sunday, which the mother did not want to happen. She took her son to Goa and killed him in their apartment in North Goa prior to the scheduled meeting.

Authorities in Goa grew concerned when they discovered the child was missing. Staff then notified local police, and a taxi driver confirmed that the woman was traveling alone, leading to her arrest and the discovery of the young boy’s body.

According to the company website, Mindful AI Lab is a team specializing in AI ethics, prototyping, and machine learning systems. Suchana Seth, its CEO, is an AI ethics expert and data scientist with over 12 years of experience. She has also held positions at institutions such as Harvard University and the Raman Research Institute, and has patents in natural language processing.

The case is a tragic reminder of the complexities surrounding divorce and child custody. Despite the advancements in technology and AI, it is crucial for society to address the underlying emotional and psychological issues that can lead to such devastating outcomes. The details of the case continue to unfold as authorities investigate the motive and circumstances surrounding the young boy’s death.