Attackers of NYPD Officers Arrested in Arizona After Fleeing NYC Without Bail

Phoenix, Arizona – Several individuals who were arrested and released without bail in New York City following an attack on two NYPD officers have been apprehended in Phoenix, Arizona.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, along with the Department of Homeland Security, made the arrests at a Greyhound bus station. The migrants are believed to have fled New York after being released without bail. It is not clear how many individuals were taken into custody.

Meanwhile, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg presented evidence to a grand jury in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday. The district attorney has faced criticism for not requesting bail for most of the suspects involved in the assault on the officers, which may have involved as many as 14 people.

Surveillance video from the incident showed a seemingly calm interaction between five men and two police officers in Times Square, but it quickly turned violent when one of the men attacked the officers. The encounter escalated as more individuals joined in, ultimately resulting in minor injuries to the officers.

Yohenry Brito, the lone suspect currently in custody on bail, is expected to appear in criminal court on Tuesday.

The situation has drawn attention to the issue of bail and the handling of cases involving migrant suspects. Authorities believe that four of the suspects may have left New York for California by bus, but it remains uncertain whether some or all of them were among those apprehended in Phoenix.

As the investigation continues, ICE is expected to release more information about the arrested individuals. The incident in Times Square has sparked debate about the treatment of suspects and the role of law enforcement in handling such cases.