Bengaluru CEO Allegedly Smothers 4-Year-Old Son in Pre-Planned Murder: Police

Bengaluru, India – The tragic murder of a four-year-old boy in a service apartment in Goa has shocked the community. The boy’s parents, Suchana Seth and Venkat Raman, had been going through a divorce after being married for ten years. Raman, who is currently based in Indonesia, had a video call with his son just before the tragic incident took place on January 7.

Following their separation, Raman had court-granted visitation rights to see his son on Sundays. However, the situation took a tragic turn when Seth, the CEO of a Bengaluru-based start-up, was arrested in Chitradurga, Karnataka for the alleged murder of her son. Upon her arrest, police discovered the boy’s body in a bag as she was checking out from the ‘Sol Banyan Grande’ service apartment in North Goa’s Candolim.

Police suspect that the murder was premeditated, as they found empty cough syrup bottles in Seth’s room. Dr. Kumar Naik of Hiriyur Taluk Hospital suggested that the boy was smothered with a cloth or a pillow, while there were no signs of struggle marks or blood loss on the body. Additionally, Seth reportedly attempted suicide after the incident but later decided against it and returned to Bengaluru with her son’s body in a tourist cab.

Seth, a well-respected AI ethics expert and data scientist, has been detained in police custody for six days and has been accused of committing the murder to prevent her estranged husband from meeting their son. The tragic incident has led to heightened security measures at the service apartment building in North Goa, with restricted entry for outsiders.

The community is in shock over the tragic loss of the young boy, and the details of the case continue to unfold as the investigation moves forward. Suchana Seth’s arrest has left many in disbelief, given her esteemed professional background and accomplishments in the field of AI. This devastating event has prompted discussions around mental health, tragedy, and the complexities of human behavior, leaving the community in mourning for the young victim.