Billboard in Schenectady Demands Justice for Murdered Teen

SCHENECTADY, NY – The family of 14-year-old Samantha Humphrey is still seeking answers a year after her disappearance in November 2022 and the discovery of her body in the Mohawk River almost a year later.

In a bid to find justice for Samantha, a new billboard has been erected on the way into Schenectady, bearing the haunting question, “Who murdered me?” replacing an old one that offered a $10,000 reward. Both billboards aim to encourage anyone with information about Samantha’s case to come forward.

A GoFundMe page has been set up in Samantha’s honor to pay for the billboard and to contribute to a reward for any information leading to the resolution of her case. The family is determined to keep Samantha’s memory alive and find the truth about her tragic death.