Bronx Elevator Stabbing Suspect on Parole at Time of Attack, Victim Fighting to Survive

Fordham, The Bronx, is reeling from a shocking incident where a 75-year-old woman was viciously attacked in an elevator by a man who was out on parole at the time. Edwin Rios, 38, allegedly followed the victim into her apartment building on Morris Ave and repeatedly stabbed her in the hands and head in what appeared to be a completely random assault.

The victim, Zenona Ramos, bravely managed to seek help after the attack, covered in blood. She knocked on doors down the hall until a neighbor called 911. Exclusive video footage captured the suspect leaving the scene casually, sparking outrage and fear in the community.

Despite the brutal attack, Ramos is currently in stable condition at St. Barnabas and is expected to survive. However, she sustained severe injuries with stab wounds on her face and hands, requiring 40 stitches on one hand alone. Ramos recounted begging the assailant to spare her life, emphasizing that she has a family to live for, highlighting the terrifying ordeal she faced.

Rios has a history of violence, with prior charges of attempted murder stemming from a 2012 incident where he attacked a 22-year-old woman. Released on parole last August, questions have been raised about the system’s failure to prevent such a re-offense. Ramos’s daughter expressed her anger and frustration, questioning why someone with a violent past was able to roam the streets and cause harm again.

Arrested for attempted murder in this latest attack, Rios faces serious consequences for his actions. The community in Fordham remains shaken by the senseless violence inflicted on an innocent elderly woman, sparking discussions about the effectiveness of parole systems in preventing repeat offenses. The incident serves as a grim reminder of the dangers lurking in everyday spaces, urging vigilance and reform in law enforcement and criminal justice systems.