Convicted Murderer Logan Clegg Files Appeal in NH Supreme Court

CONCORD, New Hampshire – Logan Clegg, the man convicted of the murder of Steve and Wendy Reid, has filed an appeal in his case. The Reids were killed while on a walk near their home in Concord. Clegg is currently serving two 50-year to life sentences for the murders at the state prison.

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has not yet officially accepted Clegg’s appeal, a process that typically takes up to three months for violent crime cases, according to the state Department of Justice’s website. Despite his conviction, Clegg maintains his innocence and expressed confidence that his appeal will overturn the verdict at his sentencing in December.

After a six-month investigation involving various law enforcement agencies, the Reids’ murders were linked to Clegg, who was found in possession of the murder weapon, a one-way ticket to Germany, and $7,100 when he was arrested in Burlington, Vermont in October 2022.

Following a three-week trial, a 16-member jury found Clegg guilty on all nine charges he faced – including second-degree murder, falsifying evidence, and firearm possession as a convicted felon. His appeal was filed within the 30-day deadline for criminal appeals.

The Reids, known for their humanitarian work and love for each other, went missing on April 18, 2022, after setting out for a hike on the Marsh Loop Trail. They were later found murdered, leaving behind a legacy of charitable contributions and a loving partnership that the community continues to mourn.