Domestic Abuse Inquest: Woman Stabbed To Death By Boyfriend In Manchester Declared Her Feelings of Distress Days Before Her Murder

Manchester, United Kingdom – A tragic story of domestic violence has resurfaced in Manchester, as details emerge about the brutal murder of 24-year-old Danielle Richardson by her boyfriend, Michael Marler, in February 2018. Marler, 37 at the time, viciously stabbed Richardson multiple times in a drug-fueled rage at an apartment in Ancoats. Although he initially denied her murder, he was found guilty at trial and sentenced to 21 years behind bars at Manchester Crown Court in August 2018.

In a recent inquest at Manchester Coroner’s Court, evidence has been presented regarding Richardson’s previous contact with Greater Manchester Police prior to her murder, shedding light on the nature of her relationship with Marler. Her family described the relationship as “abusive” and “controlling,” revealing that Richardson would “go quiet” and “become a recluse” in Marler’s presence.

Tragically, Richardson suffered multiple stab wounds during the attack, including wounds to her face, neck, and 11 stab wounds to her back. She was found dead on the morning of February 13 in the Shush apartments, Swan Street. The harrowing details of the case include a 999 call made by Richardson just days before her death, in which she was heard “screaming” and pleading for help.

The inquest also revealed that Richardson had previous contact with the police regarding Marler’s violence towards her, reporting feelings of worthlessness and a desire to end her own life. Despite this, she later retracted her statement after being persuaded by Marler. These instances of abuse and violence culminated in Richardson’s tragic death, prompting further investigation by the Independent Office of Police Conduct due to her contact with Greater Manchester Police prior to her murder.

The heartbreaking details of Richardson’s final days have illuminated the desperate need for effective responses to domestic violence, urging authorities to take a closer look at cases of potential domestic abuse to prevent tragedies like this from occurring in the future. As the inquest continues, more information is expected to come to light about the events leading up to Richardson’s untimely death, providing a sobering reminder of the devastating impact of domestic violence on individuals and families.