Abuse on the Rise: Bodycam Footage Captures Aggressive Attack on Parking Warden

Coventry, West Midlands – City officials in Coventry, West Midlands have released disturbing bodycam footage showing a van owner attacking parking wardens after receiving a ticket. The release of this video comes in response to a concerning increase in violent incidents against front-line staff. According to Coventry City Council, reports of aggression towards staff, including … Read more

Abuse Towards Council Staff Sparks Bodycam Campaign and Prosecutions

London, UK – In a concerning trend, male and female staff in London have reported instances of being targeted by aggressive members of the public. Reports include incidents of speeding vehicles driving at staff members, with objects like full drinks bottles, eggs, and even a road sign being thrown at them, as stated by the … Read more

Police Brutality: Rights Group Calls for Sacking of Inspector General for Journalist’s Arrest and Abuse

Abuja, Nigeria – A civil rights advocacy group in Nigeria is urging President Bola Tinubu to remove the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Kayode Egbetokun, for alleged human rights violations during his tenure. The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has condemned the reported violent attack, arbitrary arrest, and illegal detention of journalist Kasarachi … Read more

Tragic shooting in Minnesota claims lives of three first responders in domestic abuse incident

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – A solemn vigil was held on Sunday evening to honor three first responders who lost their lives in a tragic domestic abuse incident. The incident, which began as a domestic violence situation, escalated into a deadly armed encounter in Burnsville, Minnesota, resulting in the loss of two police officers and one paramedic. … Read more

Officers and Paramedic Fatally Shot Responding to Domestic Abuse Call in Burnsville

Burnsville, Minnesota – Two police officers and a paramedic were tragically shot and killed early Sunday while responding to a domestic abuse call. According to Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, the victims were responding to a call regarding a “family in danger,” and at least one other officer was wounded in the incident. Brian Peters, executive … Read more

Gladiator Scot Sheli McCoy Overcomes Domestic Abuse to Become Fitness Champion

Dundee, Scotland – Sheli McCoy, known for her role as a Gladiator on the BBC show, opened up about her journey to becoming a fitness champion after surviving domestic abuse. McCoy, who is now a gym owner, spoke about being attacked by an ex-partner in her early twenties, resulting in two black eyes and a … Read more

Domestic Abuse Inquest: Woman Stabbed To Death By Boyfriend In Manchester Declared Her Feelings of Distress Days Before Her Murder

Manchester, United Kingdom – A tragic story of domestic violence has resurfaced in Manchester, as details emerge about the brutal murder of 24-year-old Danielle Richardson by her boyfriend, Michael Marler, in February 2018. Marler, 37 at the time, viciously stabbed Richardson multiple times in a drug-fueled rage at an apartment in Ancoats. Although he initially … Read more