Jail Time: NRL Star Joel Romelo Returns to Prison for Serial Domestic Abuse

Darwin, Australia – Former NRL star Joel Romelo, known for his rugby league career, has found himself back in jail for his repeated acts of domestic abuse. Romelo, who once graced the fields as a talented athlete, has now become synonymous with a pattern of harmful behavior towards his partners. Authorities have confirmed that Romelo’s … Read more

Lakewood Church Shoot-Out Claims Life During Joel Osteen’s Sermon

Houston, Texas – A tragic incident unfolded during Joel Osteen’s preaching service at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. A woman was killed in a shoot-out that occurred inside the church, leaving the congregation in shock and disbelief. Witnesses reported that the woman was attending the service when a heated argument broke out with another individual. … Read more

Shooter Identified in Tragic Houston Megachurch Incident Involving Joel Osteen’s Church: Child Still in Critical Condition

Houston, Texas – A tragic incident unfolded at celebrity pastor Joel Osteen’s megachurch in early February, resulting in a woman’s death and her son sustaining critical injuries. Houston Police Department recently released body camera and surveillance footage shedding light on the harrowing shooting incident. The video, available on the Houston Police Department’s Critical Incidents YouTube … Read more

Shooting: Female Attacker Killed at Joel Osteen Megachurch by Off-Duty Officers

HOUSTON, TEXAS – In the heart of Houston, an unexpected and shocking event disrupted the tranquility of a megachurch, leaving the community and authorities in shock and searching for answers. On a calm Sunday afternoon at Lakewood Church, a woman arrived with her 7-year-old son, dressed in a trench coat and carrying a backpack. Law … Read more