Federal Jury Convicts Six in Rapper FBG Duck’s Killing – Closing Out a Lengthy Trial

CHICAGO, IL – A federal jury in Chicago convicted six reputed gang members of the killing of rapper FBG Duck in the Gold Coast after just over two days of deliberations. The verdict was read around 12:35 p.m., closing out a trial that had been marred by delays and had stretched more than three months. Duck’s mother, LaSheena Weekly, cried and hugged family members as the verdict was read.

Known as Carlton Weekly, the rapper was fatally shot outside a luxury clothing store on August 4, 2020. His girlfriend and another man were also wounded in the attack. The feds tied the shooting to a brutal gang war between Duck’s faction of the Gangster Disciples and the O Block set of the Black Disciples. The conflict was fueled by drill rap diss tracks between Duck and King Von, an O Block leader who allegedly placed a bounty on Duck before being shot to death months later.

Following the twists and turns of the trial, LaSheena Weekly expressed relief, stating, “Knowing that they will not do that to another family brings me comfort, knowing they will not terrorize nobody else.” She also mentioned that she could never want another mother to feel the same devastation of losing a child to gun violence.

The verdict delivered to her and her loved ones a new sense of closure, and they planned to celebrate “a justice for Duck party.” Prosecutors relied on disreputable witnesses to testify about O Block’s inner workings and its lasting feud with Tookaville, known as STL. The testimony showed that O Block collected dues and held regular meetings to discuss shootings and drug dealing, crucial for proving O Block as a criminal enterprise.

The six convicted gang members face mandatory life sentences, marking the end of a long and difficult trial marked by delays and a circus-like atmosphere in the courtroom. The case continues to shed light on the issue of gang violence in Chicago and the impact it has on families and communities. Sentencing for the six defendants has been scheduled for various dates in the coming months.