Domestic Violence Tragedy Spurs Family to Fight for National Registry and Alert System in Victim’s Memory

BURNSVILLE, Oklahoma – The tragic discovery of a missing woman’s body at a property in Burneyville has left her family devastated. Stephanie Loftin was reported missing from Lamar County in Texas on December 6th, and her family is now determined to prevent others from experiencing the same heartache.

Described by her nieces as someone who could be friends with anyone, Stephanie was known for her infectious smile and bright blue eyes. She had recently moved back to Texas from Florida to be closer to her family, especially to spend time with her newborn grandson.

Stephanie had ended a relationship with Michael Gonzales, which her nieces say was marred by domestic violence. Despite trying to distance herself from Gonzales, Stephanie ended up meeting with him, ultimately leading to her tragic demise.

Following his arrest in Los Angeles, Gonzales confessed to the authorities that he was responsible for Stephanie’s death and disclosed the location of her body in Burneyville. The medical examiner determined that Stephanie had been shot, and Gonzales is now facing charges of First Degree Murder.

In the midst of their grief, Stephanie’s nieces are using their aunt’s story to advocate for change. They are working to create a national registry for convicted domestic violence offenders and a national alert system for missing victims of domestic violence in Stephanie’s name.

The family’s determination to turn their tragedy into positive change reflects the devastating impact of domestic violence. Through their efforts, they hope to raise awareness and prevent others from falling victim to similar circumstances.