“Gotti’s Brother Big Jook Shot & Killed After Funeral Service” – Tragic Loss for Yo Gotti’s Family

Memphis, Tennessee – Anthony ‘Big Jook’ Mims, brother of rapper Yo Gotti, was tragically shot and killed this past weekend, TMZ has confirmed. The shooting occurred in Memphis near Winchester Road, following a funeral service in the area. Details surrounding the shooting remain unclear, but Jook’s death has been confirmed.

Photos and videos circulating online appear to show Jook bleeding on the ground with people attending to him. The close relationship between Jook and his famous brother was evident as Jook seemed to be affiliated with Gotti’s music label and was involved in promoting artists under the imprint.

The timing of Jook’s killing is particularly tragic as it occurred during a time of mourning, which Jook had alluded to in one of his Instagram stories where he was honoring a fallen relative.

It is unclear whether Gotti himself was with Jook during the killing, and there is speculation online that the murder may be related to the 2021 killing of another rapper, Young Dolph. The location of Jook’s murder is not far from Gotti’s establishment, and it is worth noting that it is on the same block as where Dolph’s murder took place.

As of now, there has been no comment from Gotti’s camp regarding the tragic incident. The proximity of Jook’s murder to Gotti’s establishment and its potential connection to the murder of Young Dolph have raised concerns about possible retaliation in the area.

This tragic and senseless killing has left many questions unanswered, and the community will be looking for justice and answers in the coming days.