German Shepherd Symba Shot in Tolleson, AZ; Fundraiser Launched for Surgery and Rehab

TOLLESON, AZ – A two-year-old German shepherd named Symba is recovering after being shot in the right leg near Country Place Boulevard and West Kerby Avenue in Tolleson last Sunday night.

Symba’s owner, Bridgett Ivy, rescued the dog from an abusive home and described him as a kind and gentle companion. However, Symba is now in need of surgery after a bullet shattered bones in his leg.

According to Ivy, the shooting occurred when Symba darted after a group of people on bicycles while out for a walk with Ivy’s brother and roommate. The alleged shooter, 38-year-old Ruben Garza, reportedly targeted Symba despite being a prohibited possessor of a firearm due to prior criminal charges.

Garza was quickly apprehended, but the incident has left Symba in need of a leg amputation and extensive rehabilitation. Ivy has started a fundraiser to cover the cost of Symba’s surgery and recovery.

The surgery is scheduled for Monday, and Ivy is hopeful that Symba will make a full recovery despite the challenging road ahead. She expressed gratitude that Symba survived the ordeal and is now focused on helping him heal and regain his strength.

As the community rallies around Symba, the focus remains on his recovery and ensuring that the person responsible for the shooting is held accountable for his actions.