Guilty Neighbor Sentenced to 57 Years for Murdering 17-Year-Old Valerie Tindall, Burial in Homemade Box

ARLINGTON, Ind. — A horrifying crime has shocked the town of Arlington, Indiana, as neighbor Patrick Scott pleaded guilty to the murder of 17-year-old Valerie Tindall. Tindall’s body was found buried inside a box on Scott’s property, where it remained hidden for nearly six months while her family and community desperately searched for her. While Scott knew all along about the grim fate of the young girl, her loved ones hoped for a different outcome.

In an unexpected twist, Tindall’s neighbor and boss, Scott, admitted to murdering the teenager and concealing her body in a makeshift grave on his property. What’s even more distressing is that Tindall’s family lived just a few feet away from where she was secretly laid to rest.

The latest development in the case involves a plea agreement filed in Rush County Court, where Scott pleaded guilty to one count of murder and faces a sentence of 57 years in prison. While Scott, his legal representation, and the prosecuting attorney have all agreed to the terms of the plea deal, the court has yet to officially accept or reject the agreement and has until March 11 to do so.

The tragic details of Tindall’s disappearance and the grim discovery of her remains in Scott’s possession have sent shockwaves through the small community. Tindall’s parents expressed their disbelief and anguish that their daughter’s trusted neighbor and employer could commit such a heinous act.

As the investigation unfolded, it became apparent that Tindall had spent most days with Scott, who employed her for his lawn care business and lived next door to her family. Despite early suspicions and numerous searches of Scott’s property, it wasn’t until a massive law enforcement operation in late November that Tindall’s body was found, buried beneath debris in a wooden box.

After extensive questioning by law enforcement, Scott confessed to the murder, revealing his alarming motivations and callous disregard for Tindall. The girl’s parents, who had been deceived by Scott’s false sympathy and concern during the search for their daughter, were devastated by the lack of remorse shown by the man who took their daughter’s life.