Homicide Crisis: Cleveland Holds Highest Rate in England and Wales

Cleveland, England, has recently been identified as having the highest homicide rate in England and Wales, according to shocking data. Teesside Live reported that the homicide rate in Cleveland has been steadily increasing over the past three years, following a decline during the initial COVID-19 outbreak. In the year 2022/23, the homicide rate in Cleveland was 19.3 per million people, which is the highest rate in England and Wales, surpassing the average of 10.9.

Despite Cleveland’s small population compared to other areas, the police force recorded 13 homicides in the past 12 months. Statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that Cleveland also leads the UK in crime and violent crime rates per 1,000 population, as well as having the second worst recorded crime rate for knife attacks.

One notable case reported by Teesside Live was the murder of Antonino “Nino” Calabro, 26, and his fiancĂ© Francesca Di Dio by Andrea Cardinale in a brutal attack in Stockton. Cardinale, who was suffering from undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenia, bludgeoned the couple to death before attempting to set fire to their bodies. Despite planning to do so, the fire never occurred.

Another disturbing case involved David Thompson-Love, 37, who was sentenced to life in prison for the brutal murder of his friend Maurice ‘Moza’ Bennett in Ormesby, Middlesbrough. Thompson-Love inflicted fatal injuries on Mr. Bennett using various weapons, including knives, a kettle, a potato peeler, and a tin of food.

In another tragic incident, Dean Williams was sentenced to life in prison for killing his friend Ian Macneil during a drug-related dispute in Middlesbrough. The court heard that Williams smashed a bottle over Mr. Macneil’s head before attacking him with a walking stick, resulting in fatal injuries.

The article also highlighted the case of child killer David Boyd, who was jailed for life for murdering seven-year-old Nikki Allan in Stockton. Boyd brutally assaulted Nikki, aiming to sexually abuse her before fatally harming her. After more than 30 years, advances in DNA techniques led to Boyd’s conviction, providing some closure to Nikki’s family after years of unresolved pain.

These cases shed light on the alarming trend of violent crimes and homicides occurring in Cleveland, underscoring the need for continued efforts to address and prevent such tragedies in the future.