**ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS** On The Run After Brutal NYPD Attack

NEW YORK CITY – The New York Police Department has yet to arrest two violent migrants who were caught on CCTV stomping and kicking two police officers during a vicious attack in Times Square last month.

The assault took place just steps from the New Amsterdam Theater, a popular destination among tourists. The shocking attack, where a group of illegal immigrants kicked and beat the NYPD officers, was captured on video and quickly went viral.

In the footage, one of the migrants can be seen stomping on a lieutenant’s head as the police officer attempts to apprehend a suspect on the ground. The migrant then kicks another officer in the back before returning to take another kick at the lieutenant. Police have released photos of the suspects and described the details of their attire in an effort to locate and apprehend them.

This incident is just one of many recent violent crimes involving illegal immigrants in New York City. Several individuals arrested in connection with the attack have since been released on bail and have fled the state, prompting calls for the removal of the Manhattan District Attorney from some New York Republican lawmakers.

The attacks come amid an increase in violent crime being perpetrated by illegal immigrants in the city, with a growing concern about the safety and security of residents. The rising number of migrants in New York City has also prompted a significant financial burden.

As authorities continue their efforts to apprehend the remaining suspects and address the ongoing challenges posed by the presence of illegal immigrants, the situation in New York City remains complex and concerning.

It is apparent that the issue of illegal immigration and the associated criminal activity will continue to be a significant concern for law enforcement and policymakers in New York City in the coming months.