Domestic Violence Attack: Woman Hides in Paddock to Call Police After Brutal Assault

Orange, New South Wales – A woman in central west New South Wales resorted to hiding in a paddock to call for help after facing a brutal attack from her boyfriend. The 32-year-old farm manager pleaded guilty to two counts of domestic violence assault, admitting to pushing his girlfriend through a glass window, dragging her … Read more

Brutal Attack Orchestrator Sentenced to Three Consecutive Life Sentences

Montgomery, Alabama – A final defendant involved in a heinous attack in 2017 has received her sentencing. Alexandria Hancock, aged 33, has been handed three consecutive life sentences by Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey. Her conviction in May for first-degree kidnapping, first-degree rape, and first-degree robbery led to this enhanced sentence by Circuit Judge … Read more

Road-Rage Suspect Still at Large After brutal Attack at LAX Airport

Los Angeles, California – Police are on the hunt for a 38-year-old man involved in a violent road-rage incident at Los Angeles International Airport that left an elderly woman unconscious in the street. According to authorities, the brutal altercation, captured on LAX surveillance cameras, took place on May 31 just before 9:30 a.m. The disturbing … Read more

Inmate’s Brutal Attack on Southern California Deputy with Jail-Made Shank Captured on Surveillance Video

Rancho Cucamonga, California – In a shocking incident captured on surveillance cameras at the West Valley Detention Center, an inmate armed with a homemade metal knife launched a brutal attack on a deputy. The violent altercation occurred around 2:45 p.m. on June 11, as per a news release from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. … Read more

Suspect Still Unknown in Brutal Attack on 67-Year-Old in Tucker: DeKalb Police Investigation Continues

Tucker, Georgia – DeKalb Police are actively working to identify the suspect behind a horrific attack on a 67-year-old individual in the Tucker area. The victim was subjected to a brutal assault, leaving the community shocked and concerned about their safety. Authorities have yet to release the name of the assailant as they continue their … Read more

Man in Coma After Brutal Back Alley Attack, Alleged Attacker Facing Upgraded Charges

Kamloops, British Columbia – A man remains in a coma after being brutally beaten in a back alley in North Kamloops last month. The victim, identified as Blake Wheeler, was found unconscious and bloodied after the attack on May 8. The alleged attacker, Mattheau Michael Myron Aldridge, 22, is currently facing one count of aggravated … Read more

Trump facing brutal criticism from Rachel Maddow in “pornographically violent” attack

Los Angeles, CA – Television host Rachel Maddow delivered a scathing rebuke of President Trump during her recent show, denouncing his actions as “pornographically violent.” Maddow did not hold back, vocally expressing her disgust and critiquing Trump’s behavior. The attack comes amidst a backdrop of increased tension between the Trump administration and media figures critical … Read more

Attackers Stomp on Victim Near Shopping Center in Brutal Assault

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (AP) – In a disturbing incident near a shopping center, robbers viciously attacked a victim by stamping on them. The violent assault took place in broad daylight, leaving the victim severely injured and traumatized. The victim, whose identity has not been disclosed, was reportedly targeted by a group of assailants who approached … Read more

Attackers Cause Chicago Woman to Miscarry in Brutal Teen Assault, Report Reveals

Chicago, Illinois – A pregnant woman in Chicago tragically suffered a miscarriage after being attacked by a group of teenagers in the Streeterville neighborhood. The woman, identified as Nina, and her husband were on a date when the teenagers viciously assaulted them, causing Nina to lose her baby. According to reports, the teenagers kicked Nina’s … Read more

Stabbing at Bus Stop: Violent Offender Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison for Brutal Daytime Attack

Tiptree, Essex – A violent offender was recently sentenced for a shocking attack that took place at a bus stop in broad daylight, shocking onlookers, including children leaving school. Last year on July 11, John Garrett stole alcohol from a shop in Tiptree before confronting individuals at a nearby bus stop, where he proceeded to … Read more