Unintentional Fatal Shooting by LAPD Officer at Burlington Coat Factory in North Hollywood Leads to No Criminal Charges: AG Bonta

Los Angeles, California – The incident involving the unintentional shooting and death of a 14-year-old girl at a North Hollywood store by a Los Angeles police officer will not lead to criminal charges, California Attorney General Rob Bonta confirmed. The tragic event occurred when Officer William Jones Jr. fired shots following reports of a potential … Read more

Deposition Dispute Leads to Tragic Triple Shooting in Las Vegas Summerlin Office

Las Vegas, Nevada – The tragic events that unfolded during a child custody-related deposition in a Summerlin law office left three people dead. The emails exchanged prior to the shooting reveal a plea from the shooter to exclude his ex-daughter-in-law from the proceedings, a request that ultimately went unheeded. Joe Houston, representing his son Dylan … Read more

Interstate Shooting Leads to Arrest of Brandon Hervey for Second Degree Murder

Memphis, Tennessee – An interstate shooting during rush hour on Tuesday morning resulted in the death of one person, leading to the arrest of a suspect by the Memphis Police Department. The suspect, identified as 25-year-old Brandon Hervey, is facing charges of second-degree murder in connection with the incident. The police responded to the shooting … Read more

Assault Leads to Lance Bass Cutting Ties with Heart WeHo Nightclub

West Hollywood, California – NSYNC singer and entrepreneur Lance Bass has announced his departure as a partner at Heart WeHo following a recent shocking incident at the club. The attack on customer Albert Martinez, a hairdresser found unconscious with serious injuries outside the venue, has sparked concern and led to the arrest of a bouncer. … Read more

Assault & Hate Crime: Folsom Park Attack Leads to Arrest of Suspects

Folsom, California – A violent hate crime incident in Folsom City Park has led to the arrest of two suspects after a brutal assault on a victim. The attack, which took place near the Library gazebo, involved the victim being held down and repeatedly punched and kicked by the assailants while they hurled homophobic slurs. … Read more

Prison Fullness Leads to Suspended Sentences for Violent Brothers

Carlisle, England – Two brothers in Carlisle, England, recently received suspended prison sentences after being involved in a violent attack on a young man. The incident occurred on a city centre street in October 2022 and was captured on CCTV. Kenneth Brown, 27, and Shaun Brown, 24, were spared immediate imprisonment due to prison capacity … Read more

Molotov Cocktail Attack on Planned Parenthood Clinic in California Leads to 9-Year Prison Sentence

Costa Mesa, California – A former marine has been sentenced to nine years in prison for firebombing a Planned Parenthood clinic in Costa Mesa, California. Chance Brannon, along with his co-defendant Tibet Ergul, conspired to plot attacks including a potential attack on a power grid in support of a “race war,” according to the Justice … Read more

Security Negligence Leads to Nurse Lawsuit Against Rhode Island Hospital in Patient Attack Case

Providence, Rhode Island – A nurse at Rhode Island Hospital has filed a lawsuit against the hospital’s security team after a violent attack by a patient left him with serious injuries. The incident occurred when the nurse, Scott Amaral, entered the room of 37-year-old George Bower to check on him, following an altercation over phone … Read more

Assaulted Man in Benfleet Field Leads to Arrest in GBH Case

Benfleet, Essex – Police responded to a distressing incident in a field off Manor Road earlier this week, where a man in his 30s had been attacked and left injured. Authorities were alerted by concerned passers-by who heard the victim pleading for assistance. The man suffered an arm injury, a bite, and a head wound … Read more

Violent Middlesbrough Rapist Sentenced to 12 Years: Teen Girl’s Courage Leads to Justice

Middlesbrough, England – A disturbing incident unfolded in Whitby, England when a 34-year-old man, Dwayne Anthony Rhoden, lured a teenage girl to a bedsit and subjected her to a violent attack. The victim, who displayed immense courage throughout the ordeal, managed to escape after an hour and alerted the authorities with the help of friends. … Read more