Patriot Rebecca Lavrenz Receives Trump’s Support Amid Capitol Conviction

Denver, Colorado – Former President Donald Trump expressed his support for a Colorado woman, Rebecca Lavrenz, who was recently convicted of federal misdemeanor charges stemming from the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot. Trump took to social media to rally donations for Lavrenz’s legal defense, calling her a “patriot” and emphasizing her importance in the face … Read more

Assault and Rape Conviction: Star Man Sentenced to 45 Years for Brutal Attack in Victim’s Home

Star, Idaho – A Star man has been sentenced to 45 years in prison for brutally attacking and raping a former partner. Matthew Blazek, 47, will serve at least 20 years before being eligible for parole. A jury in Ada County found Blazek guilty of rape, use of a deadly weapon, forcible penetration, domestic violence … Read more

Chauffeur and Bullet-Buyer Crucial in Fort Worth Murder Conviction, Jailhouse Plot Uncovered

Fort Worth, Texas – Witnesses testified in court about a murder plot that unfolded from behind bars, revealing the role of a chauffeur and a buyer of bullets in the shooter’s conviction. The case shed light on the elaborate lengths taken by the perpetrators to carry out the crime. The shooter, serving time in jail, … Read more

Attack on Paul Pelosi Results in Conviction of David DePape for Violent Assault

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA – A jury in San Francisco has reached a verdict in the case of David DePape, who was found guilty on two counts related to a violent attack on Paul Pelosi, the spouse of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. DePape’s conviction includes one count of assault on a federal official’s immediate family member … Read more

Armed Robbery Conviction Lands Troy William Graham Behind Bars in ACT Supreme Court

Canberra, Australia – The ACT Supreme Court in Canberra, Australia has sentenced Troy William Graham to jail for armed robbery. The court found Graham guilty of committing the robbery and handed down the sentencing after careful consideration of the evidence presented during the trial. Graham’s sentencing comes after a lengthy legal process that involved testimonies … Read more

Manslaughter Conviction for Father in Michigan School Shooting Tragedy

Pontiac, Michigan – James Crumbley, the father of a Michigan teen responsible for a school shooting that claimed the lives of four students, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in a US court on Thursday. This came a month after his wife, Jennifer Crumbley, was also found guilty on manslaughter charges. The couple faces up to … Read more

Assault Conviction Looms for Middletown Man in Violent Attack

MIDDLETOWN, New York – A Middletown man is facing a potential prison sentence following a violent assault that occurred in the area. The incident, which took place recently, has brought attention to the issue of safety and security in the community. Authorities have reported that the man was involved in a physical altercation that resulted … Read more

**Murder** Conviction: Woman Found Guilty of Brutal Attack and Killing in London Home

London, England – A woman in London has been found guilty of a brutal and violent murder of a 58-year-old woman in Edmonton, North London. Deka Omar, 24, was convicted of the murder of Susan Ioannou after a re-trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court. The body of Ms. Ioannou was discovered at a residential property on … Read more

Assault Conviction Leads to Suspension of ‘Ashamed’ Health Trust Worker

BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND – A health trust worker in Belfast has been suspended from work after being found guilty of a violent assault on a woman. The employee, who has not been named publicly, was convicted of the offense and subsequently reprimanded by their employer. The incident, which took place in Northern Ireland, has shocked … Read more

***Fatal Burnsville Shooting Suspect Faced Firearm Restrictions Following Prior Conviction***

Burnsville, Minnesota – Authorities and neighbors have identified the individual responsible for the tragic deaths of two police officers and an EMT in Burnsville as Shannon Cortez Gooden. Gooden, who took his own life, was revealed by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Court records show that Gooden, … Read more