Indian Student Vivek Saini Brutally Attacked and Killed by Homeless Man in Georgia

Lithonia, Georgia – The Indian Consulate in Atlanta expressed deep dismay over the violent attack that resulted in the death of Indian student Vivek Saini in the United States. The Consulate vehemently denounced the “heinous” act and emphasized that the U.S. authorities have arrested the perpetrator and are actively investigating the case.

After the tragic incident, the Consulate promptly contacted Mr. Saini’s family, offering all consular assistance to repatriate his remains to India and has remained in close communication with the family throughout the ordeal.

Vivek Saini, a 25-year-old Indian student who recently obtained an MBA degree in the U.S., was tragically killed in Lithonia, Georgia by a homeless individual whom he had been supporting for a few days. The perpetrator, identified as Julian Faulkner, a drug addict, attacked and ultimately killed Saini, leading to a devastating loss.

The assailant was reported to have viciously struck Vivek Saini approximately 50 times with a hammer, as revealed by footage of the attack. According to M9 News Channel, Saini had been compassionate and generous to the attacker, providing him with food, beverages, and a jacket. The fatal confrontation occurred as Saini was heading home after warning Faulkner to leave or face police intervention.

Having arrived in the U.S. two years earlier, Saini’s family in Haryana is devastated by his untimely passing, as reported by PTI. An outstanding student with aspirations of securing a promising career, Saini’s parents, Gurjeet Singh and Lalita Saini, are too distraught to discuss the details of the tragic event.

The incident, captured in a video that has circulated on social media, prompted swift action by law enforcement, resulting in the prompt arrest of the culprit. The victim’s body was repatriated to India on January 24, providing some closure to the grieving family.

It is profoundly distressing to witness such a senseless act of violence result in the loss of a promising young life, and the Indian community in the U.S. mourns the tragic incident while seeking justice for Vivek Saini.